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University of Wisconsin and Meriter should stop plans to offer late-term abortions Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, May. 13, 2010 -- 12:00 AM

To the editor:

In recent days, there have been confusing messages coming in various ways from the University of Wisconsin (UW) regarding its late-term abortion plans.

Much has been made of the location of the killing center.

More has to be made of the merits or lack thereof of the UW giving up its prized standing as a health care consortium . . . seeking gold of a dirty nature — a corrosive nature — destroying its health care status. Abortion —  killing babies at any age — is NOT health care!

Some other states are refusing to go in this direction; in fact, some are backing off from abortion practices.

UW and Meriter: cease this crazy business strategy. You’re killing the fatted cow to get some short-term gain — your own pieces of silver — betraying the least among us.

We ardent protectors of life will never give up our defense of life. You, UW, have given up this heinous practice in the past. Don’t start again!

Don’t sacrifice your integrity for this mess of pottage. You used to be better than this. Stop — abort — this abortion plan. Don’t abort babies; it’s killing you and us!

Babies for Life

Deacon Jack Fernan, Monona