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Government involvement in health care open to debate Print
Letters to the editor
Thursday, Dec. 31, 2009 -- 1:00 AM

To the editor:

Regarding Tony Magliano’s column on healthcare reform, “Health care: Yes! Abortion: No!,” in the December 10 issue of the Catholic Herald:

He is correct in stating that “universal access to quality medical care is part of the Church’s social doctrine.” On this, there can be no question. However, how that “universal access to quality medical care” is provided is a legitimate subject of debate for Catholics. No one way is the “right” way, endorsed by the Church.

It is not against Catholic teaching to be concerned about the size of our federal government. The obligation to care for the poor should not be a blank check to guilt politically conservative Catholics into supporting intrusive, expensive, and bureaucratic governmental policies. There are other ways to help the poor.

One wonderful example of this is Our Lady of Hope Clinic in Madison. For a modest annual fee, my family has access to excellent health care, and, at the same time, financially helps the clinic provide health care to those who cannot afford it, all without involving the insurance industry or the government.

Rather than defer our obligation to care for the poor to the government, I believe more can ultimately be accomplished if we do what we can where we are.

Perhaps a more accurate assessment of the healthcare debate in Catholic circles would be “Health care for all: Yes. Abortion: No. Government involvement: Open to debate.”

Emily Seyfert, Cross Plains