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Written by Mary C. Uhler, Catholic Herald Staff   
Thursday, Aug. 22, 2019 -- 12:00 AM

Our children also decided to attend Catholic colleges, where they likewise received an excellent education in all facets of their lives.

As the new school year gets underway, it is a good opportunity to encourage parents to send their children to Catholic schools. It’s also a chance to urge all Catholics to support Catholic schools with their time, talent, and treasure.

Choosing Catholic schools

The National Catholic Educational Association ( has developed a dozen reasons to choose Catholic schools. These reasons are included here with some of my personal observations:

1. We offer an education that combines Catholic faith and teachings with academic excellence. At Catholic schools, faith is integrated into every aspect of the school. Students and teachers can start classes with a prayer, talk about how faith impacts certain subjects, and attend Mass and pray together.

2. We partner with parents in the faith formation of their children. Catholic schools continue and enforce what children learn at home and what they observe when attending church.

3. We set high standards for student achievement and help them succeed. Each student is treated with respect and encouraged to develop to his/her potential.

4. We provide a balanced academic curriculum that integrates faith, culture, and life. Faith is not separated but integrated into discussions of culture and life.

5. We use technology effectively to enhance education. Catholic schools are often way ahead of the curve in the use of technology. Maybe it’s because they don’t have to jump through as many hoops to start using the latest innovations.

6. We instill in students the value of service to others. Students in Catholic schools are encouraged to be involved in service within the school, parish, community, and world.

7. We teach children respect of self and others. Catholic schools emphasize the importance of students’ respecting each other.

8. We emphasize moral development and self-discipline. Catholic schools can openly discuss moral issues and encourage moral behavior.

9. We prepare students to be productive citizens and future leaders. Students learn the importance of citizenship and participation in society.

10. We have a 99 percent high school graduation rate. Eighty-five percent of our graduates go to college. Catholic schools do everything they can to ensure every student’s success.

11. We cultivate a faculty and staff of people who are dedicated, caring, and effective. The faculty and staff at Catholic schools work together like a close-knit family.

12. We provide a safe and welcoming environment for all. These days, having a safe environment is very important. Parents know their children are safe and welcomed at Catholic schools.

Schools in Diocese of Madison

There are 46 great Catholic schools to choose from throughout the Diocese of Madison. Most schools have places available for new students.

For more information, see the special section in this week’s Catholic Herald or go to

We wish everyone involved with Catholic schools a great school year!