Catholic Charities puts mercy in motion Print
Written by Mary C. Uhler   
Thursday, Oct. 06, 2016 -- 12:00 AM

We are in the midst of the Year of Mercy declared by Pope Francis. The year officially continues through November 20 of this year.

During this year, we are focusing on the Spiritual and Corporal Works of Mercy. It is timely, therefore, that Sunday, Oct. 16, will be observed as Catholic Charities Sunday in the Diocese of Madison.

Mercy in motion

Catholic Charities in effect puts mercy in motion throughout our diocese, especially by putting the Corporal Works of Mercy into action.

The Corporal Works of Mercy are found in the teachings of Jesus and give us a model for how we should treat others. They are “charitable actions by which we help our neighbors in their bodily needs,” says the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults.

Works of Mercy

As we observe Catholic Charities Sunday on October 16, let’s reflect on how Catholic Charities Madison puts the Corporal Works of Mercy in motion:

Feed the hungry and give drink to the thirsty. Catholic Charities’ Parish Mobile Food Pantry serves rural communities who do not have access to the larger pantries in Madison.
Parishioners from participating Catholic parishes volunteer to unload and distribute food delivered to the parish by a Second Harvest food-bank truck.

Parish volunteers assist their neighbors who depend on the monthly pantry for food or to help offset other expenses (such as medical and utility bills).

Shelter the homeless. Catholic Charities has entered into a new partnership with Dane County to operate a homeless day resource center near the downtown area of Madison.
Prior to the center’s opening next summer, Catholic Charities Madison is joining with Bethel Lutheran Church in the expanded operation of the Winter Day Resource Center.

Visit the sick. Elderly persons are assisted through such programs as the Adult Day Center in Madison, the All Saints Neighborhood, caregiver training, companions and mentors, and respite care.

Individual and family services include alcohol and drug treatment, trauma informed psychotherapy, and individual, couple, and family counseling.

These are just a few of the ways Catholic Charities puts mercy in motion. As one person said about the help received in the Mobile Food Pantry, “Without this I wouldn’t have anything for my family. What would we do if we didn’t have your help?”

How we can help

We can all help support the work that Catholic Charities does to put mercy in motion. Volunteers and donations are always welcome. Consider attending Catholic Charities’ annual Faith in Action Celebration dinner to be held on November 10 at the Marriott Madison West.

For more information, go to You can also follow Catholic Charities on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and YouTube.