Saving lives — one baby at a time Print
Thursday, Oct. 15, 2015 -- 12:00 AM

Pro-life individuals and organizations are working to change laws and public opinion, and they are making a difference in our state and across our nation.

Wisconsin experienced over a 10 percent decline in abortions in 2014, continuing a trend of fewer abortions during the past five years.

One way this has happened is that lives are being saved — one baby at a time — thanks to the commitment of pro-life pregnancy centers and volunteers.

In the Madison area alone, here are some of the stories of these efforts (real names are not used):

Women’s Care Center

At the Women’s Care Center (located right across the road from the Planned Parenthood Clinic on Madison’s east side), a young woman named Reno received support to give birth to her daughter, AnnahLynn.

In a letter to supporters, Kila Hagie, director, and Greg Wagner, board chairman, said: “Like so many others, Reno came to Women’s Care Center thinking about abortion. Young and aimless, but for your support, Reno might have had an abortion and still be partying with her friends.

“In the loving environment of our center, Reno found the confidence to start making really good decisions. She chose life for her baby. She sought treatment for her addictions. She found employment and is now a proud and loving mother.

“To top it off, Reno will soon be enrolling in college with plans to earn a degree in social work, hoping to pay it forward to someone else in need.”

AnnahLynn is one of 140 babies expected by care center moms in Madison.

Care Net Pregnancy Center

Another baby in Madison owes her life to Care Net Pregnancy Center.

Her mother, Maria, came to the United States from Central America. At first she was filled with hope for a better future, but she became pregnant and was not treated well by the baby’s father.

Eventually she was referred to Care Net Pregnancy Center and applied to live at the Elizabeth House in Madison, a residential program for pregnant women. She has since given birth to a baby girl.

“The Elizabeth House is a great blessing for many women,” said Maria through a translator. “I know I can move forward and have exciting things in store learning English, studying, and working to provide for my daughter and myself.”

Vigil for Life Madison

Vigil for Life Madison is a Christian volunteer organization whose members pray, fast, and peacefully witness for an end to abortion outside the Planned Parenthood (PP) Clinic in Madison.

Vigil for Life volunteers have seen what they call many “turn aways.” Here is an account of one of them which happened on Friday, Oct. 9: “A young woman got out of her car and was headed into Planned Parenthood when a sidewalk counselor called out to her and let her know about the Women’s Care Center across the street. The woman thanked the sidewalk counselor for the information but still went inside PP. About  two minutes later, she came out and got in the car. She and the person with her drove over to the Women’s Care Center.”

Hopefully that means another baby’s life was saved.

Helping save lives

These are just a few examples of how pro-life volunteers are saving lives — one baby at a time. There are many other organizations providing help for babies, such as Catholic Charities, Pregnancy Helpline, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, and our Catholic parishes, schools, and health care facilities.

During October, designated as Respect Life Month, I encourage everyone to do what they can to help these efforts to save lives and assist mothers and fathers after the babies are born. Every life is indeed worth living and deserves a chance to thrive.