The Memorare: A special prayer to our Mother Mary Print
Written by Mary Uhler   
Thursday, Dec. 19, 2013 -- 12:00 AM

One of my favorite prayers has always been the Memorare. It was a prayer I learned as a child, and I’ve always continued to pray it regularly, especially at times when I’m praying for special needs for myself and other people.

This fall, Fr. Francis Hoffman — better known as Father Rocky to Relevant Radio listeners — spoke at a meeting of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre held in Green Bay. He talked about his book, For Immediate Assistance, Pray the Memorare. He also gave each of us a copy of his book.

It took me a few weeks to pick up the book and start to read it. I loved this book and discovered that this is the first book written by Father Rocky. I can imagine he hasn’t had much time to write with his busy life as executive director of Relevant Radio and a daily contributor on the Catholic radio network, along other duties.
Mary, our second mother

Why am I writing about this book at Christmas time? While Jesus is the main focus of Christmas, this time of the year also reminds us of His Mother Mary. She is our mother, too, and many of us can identify with her as “one of us.”

Of course, Mary was an extraordinary human being, without sin. But nonetheless we know she experienced all the joys, sorrows, and challenges we face in our own loves. We can relate to her. We can also talk with her, perhaps more easily than we can talk with God himself.

Father Rocky explains it best, “From an early age, I grew up with the knowledge that I had two mothers who loved me.” He knew his Mom loved him, and he knew that Mary, the Mother of God, loved him, too. “Like my mother on earth, my mother in heaven would always be there for me. I could turn to her for anything I needed,” the priest said.

The power of praying the Memorare

He and I were fortunate to have parents and teachers who taught us about Mary — and showed us how to pray to her. And she has not let us down.

Father Rocky talks about his own experiences praying the Memorare, and he relates the stories of others who have prayed the Memorare, including the saints.

As Father Rocky says, the Memorare makes an extraordinary claim: “Never was it known” that anyone who has asked the Virgin Mary for help has gone unaided.

“That is a promise of the highest order,” says Father Rocky. “It says that Mary is going to help us to find the peace and the protection that we seek and the graces that we need to serve Jesus.”

There are stories of miraculous cures, conversions, and people whose lives were saved in war. One of those who relied on the Memorare was Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who talked about the “Quick Novena” to the Blessed Mother: a succession of nine Memorares.

Mother Teresa liked to end her novena with a 10th Memorare, in gratitude for her favor being granted. Some people also pray the 10th for someone else — perhaps unknown to the one praying — who needs help.

Since reading Father Rocky’s book, I have begun praying the Memorare daily. I’ve also done a “Quick Novena,” and I was astounded that my intention was answered. I’m now praying another one for a different intention, which so far has apparently not been answered.

As Father Rocky reminds us, however, we don’t always know how our prayers will be answered.  But we know Mary will hear us and answer us. And she will lead us to find her Son, Jesus, at Christmas time and throughout the year.

Fr. Rocky Hoffman’s book, For Immediate Assistance, Pray the Memorare, is available for purchase at