Let’s form our own ‘humane society’ to protect babies Print
Written by Mary C. Uhler, editor   
Thursday, Oct. 07, 2010 -- 12:00 AM

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When we think of respecting all human life, we usually start with pre-born life in the womb. Naturally that should be the beginning of our focus, since that’s where all human beings begin their existence.

Just ask expectant parents these days. They often talk about their unborn baby by name (for example, our son and his wife have chosen a name for their second daughter, who is due in December). Parents also see ultrasounds of their children in the womb and it’s obvious to them — as it should be to everybody — that this is a baby. Birth is just one stage in the development of that new little person.

Protecting human life

Yet that unborn baby’s life isn’t always protected in our society today. If a mother or father want the baby, it is safe. If not, the baby can be aborted up to nine months of development.

I saw a cartoon which showed the picture of a kitten and a puppy seated next to a human baby. The animals said: “You mean you don’t have a humane society that protects you?!” The headline on the top said: “The unborn child and where it ranks.”

It does seem that many people in our society are more concerned about baby animals than baby human beings. That’s not to say that we shouldn’t take care of animals, since they are part of God’s creation, too.

But human beings should be of even greater concern to us. We are made in the image and likeness of God, we learn in Scripture. God himself took on a human nature in the form of his son, Jesus Christ.

Affect of abortions on our society

While people in the pro-life movement have been working hard to reduce the number of abortions and to eliminate them altogether, we are seeing some increases in abortions again. A recent report showed that the number of abortions in Wisconsin increased between 2008 and 2009, from 8,229 to 8,542.  The highest number of abortions in our state was 21,754 in 1981, so the numbers are definitely lower than they used to be. But even one abortion is too many.

The total number of abortions in our state since 1975 is 504,280. Jolene Churchill, who is active in the pro-life movement in Wisconsin, is concerned about the impact of this number of aborted children. “I am very concerned about what the future holds in our state and country with a vastly aging population and a smaller younger generation to sustain the Baby Boomers,” she said.

“Abortion has thrown our demographics off so much so that we have fewer consumers, producers, and taxpayers,” she pointed out. This is indeed something for us to consider as we look to a future with an increasing debt and fewer workers to help support an aging population.

What we can do to protect children

Children are indeed the hope and future of any society. Yet today, many parents may be reluctant to have more children because of economic considerations.

We should encourage parents in our own families to welcome children as a gift and a blessing. We should also give support to organizations such as pregnancy helplines, maternity homes, and pro-life organizations that are offering encouragement and help to pregnant women and families in need.

We can also pray for respect for all human life and give witness through 40 Days for Life, Life Chains, and other efforts to encourage people to choose alternatives to abortion. Already 40 Days for Life, which started its fall vigil on September 22 throughout the country, has reported that over 135 babies have been saved from abortion so far.

Let’s form our own “humane society” to protect unborn babies.  Through prayer and action, let us make sure that as many babies as possible have a chance to be born!