They make us proud! Print
Thursday, May. 27, 2010 -- 12:00 AM

Editor's View by Mary C. UhlerThis week two men will be ordained as deacons and in June, two others will be ordained as new priests for the Diocese of Madison.

Having met all four of these fine men, I can tell people that we are indeed fortunate to have such fine men willing to serve our diocese as priests. They make us proud!

On Friday, May 28, Bishop Robert C. Morlino will ordain Jorge Miramontes and Timothy Renz to the Order of Deacon. They will be ordained as transitional deacons, meaning that they plan to be ordained to the priesthood in the following year. On June 25, Deacons David Carrano and Gregory Ihm will be ordained to the priesthood.

Why we support seminarians

Someone asked me recently why the people of our diocese help pay for the education of seminarians. (Of course, the degree of support depends on their level of study.) I responded that our seminarians will be ordained to serve our diocese in parishes, schools, health care institutions, prisons, and wherever they are needed.

Unlike people trained in professions, deacons and priests do not ultimately decide what they will do and where they will go. Although they have some say in their assignments, it is up to the bishop (with the help of the Holy Spirit and the Personnel Board) to appoint them to their ministry position.

As Bishop Morlino has said recently, as they are consecrated in ordination, priests become "in persona Christi" -- another Christ. After ordination, they are sent on a mission from Christ.

Growing numbers

We are fortunate that the number of seminarians in our diocese has grown tremendously in the last seven years, from six in 2003 to about 25 this year. Much of this can be attributed to diocesan recruitment efforts and especially to a great deal of prayer.

Besides continuing to ask God to call men to serve as priests, we should thank God for his blessings on our diocese and thank the men themselves for answering His call.