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In this month of mothers Print E-mail
Guest column
Written by Sr. Constance Veit, LSP   
Thursday, Apr. 28, 2016 -- 12:00 AM

Guest Column

On May 8 we celebrate Mother’s Day, and as Catholics we dedicate the whole month to our heavenly mother, Mary.

And so, May is a natural time to reflect on the irreplaceable role of mothers and all women in our lives.

Prophetic words

In the weeks following our appearance at the Supreme Court, several women who write about Catholic spirituality mentioned prophetic words of Blessed Paul VI to women in reference to our case -- words uttered over 50 years ago, but which are, perhaps, more relevant today than ever.

“At this moment when the human race is undergoing so deep a transformation, women impregnated with the spirit of the Gospel can do so much to aid mankind in not falling,” Paul VI said at the conclusion of the Second Vatican Council.

He continued with this urgent plea: “Women of the entire universe, whether Christian or non-believing, you to whom life is entrusted at this grave moment in history, it is for you to save the peace of the world.”

The best nuncio we’ve had thus far Print E-mail
The Catholic Difference
Thursday, Apr. 28, 2016 -- 12:00 AM

The announcement that Archbishop Christophe Pierre will succeed Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò as Apostolic Nuncio to the United States is an opportunity to pay tribute to a courageous churchman who has served Catholicism, Pope Benedict XVI, and Pope Francis in an exemplary way during his tenure in Washington.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with each of the nuncios in Washington since full diplomatic relations were established between this country and the Holy See under President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II.

And at the risk of embarrassing him, I have to say that I consider Archbishop Viganò to have been the best of them all thus far.

Alleviating concerns of adult children Print E-mail
Ask Jean
Thursday, Apr. 28, 2016 -- 12:00 AM

I know most of the time children are writing in to you to ask questions about their aging parent. Well, this is the opposite.

I am a 79-year-old mother who is being “smothered” by my children. All of a sudden they think I can’t do anything on my own. They think I should stop driving and that I should sell my house; the list goes on and on.

My husband passed away several years ago and I have been just fine on my own. I feel I am in good health and really just want them to stop worrying about me. Do you have any suggestions? (From a mother in Portage)

You are obviously a very good parent and are so blessed to have such caring, concerned children. I know several others who would love to have this kind of attention from their children.