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Shocking plot twists of science and faith Print E-mail
Guest column

Word on Fire
Brandon Vogt

This is the first article of a three-part series.

In his excellent book, Modern Physics and Ancient Faith (University of Notre Dame Press, 2003), physics professor Stephen M. Barr recounts the typical story of the the universe as told by scientific materialists. It's one of the best summaries of the naturalist worldview I've read, from any perspective:

"The world revealed by science bears little resemblance to the world as it was portrayed by religion. Judaism and Christianity taught that the world was created by God, and that things therefore, have a purpose and meaning, aside from the purposes and meanings we choose to give them."

The blind universe

Moreover, human beings were supposed to be central to that cosmic purpose. These comforting beliefs can no longer be maintained in the face of scientific discoveries.

The universe more and more appears to be a vast, cold, blind, and purposeless machine. For a while it appeared that some things might escape the iron grip of science and its laws -- perhaps life or mind.

Helping people encounter God’s Glory Print E-mail
Guest column
Fr. Gregory Ihm

"Those who want to work for moral reform in the world must seek the glory of God before all else." -- St. John Leonardi, Feast Day October 9

As I prayed this passage from the Liturgy of the Hours, I recognized the importance of vocation work and what a privilege it is to help people seek the Glory of God but then respond to it in the way that He is inviting them to it.

Vote for candidates who best reflect ‘God’s platform’ Print E-mail
Making a Difference

The United States and the world are in trouble! We need to take it seriously. And we need to elect candidates who will take it seriously.

Continuing to largely ignore the grave problems facing humanity and the planet we all live on is both perilous and immoral.