Sr. Mary Annelle Fuczyla, RSM, dies Print
Religious obituaries
Wednesday, Apr. 12, 2017 -- 8:43 AM

JANESVILLE — Funeral services were held Friday, April 7, in Chicago and Saturday, April 8, in Janesville for Sr. Mary Annelle Fuczyla, RSM, a registered nurse, nursing instructor, family nurse practitioner, rural healthcare advocate, and a Sister of Mercy for 65 years.

Sister Annelle was born on May 6, 1927, in Janesville. She was one of five daughters to parents Nicholas and Eva (Hulick) Fuczyla. She and her sisters were all taught first by Sisters of Mercy at St. Patrick School in Janesville.

She attended Janesville High School from which Sister Annelle graduated in 1945. In September following her high school graduation, Sister Annelle was accepted to Mercy Hospital School of Nursing in Janesville. There, once again, much to her delight she had many Sisters of Mercy as her teachers and mentors.

She deeply appreciated and respected the gift of life, having worked 25 years as an obstetric nurse — in Janesville and Davenport, Iowa.