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Thursday, Jun. 11, 2020 -- 12:00 AM
Memorial Statue

Through the generosity of anonymous donors, this sculpture entitled Memorial to the Unborn Child II by Sklovakian sculptor Martin Hudáček will be placed in Madison's Resurrection Cemetery this fall.
(Photo by Mario Hudáček)

MADISON -- Madison Diocese Director of Cemeteries Damian Lenshek announced that, through the generosity of anonymous donors, Resurrection Cemetery will receive a remarkable sculpture in the fall of this year.

The sculpture, Memorial to the Unborn Child II by Slovakian sculptor Martin Hudácek, portrays a grieving mother and father in the presence of a four-year-old child, on a cruciform base.

The mother and father are in stone, while the child is made of a translucent material. Hudácek's sculptures have been installed in Slovakia, Poland, Chile, and California. In 2015, Hudácek presented a copy of one of his sculptures to Pope Francis.

Donating the sculpture

The donors first approached Mary Mead, coordinator for Project Rachel and Rachel's Vineyard for the Diocese of Madison, in 2017 about the possibility of donating the sculpture.

Working with the diocese, a committee was formed that identified an appropriate location within Resurrection Cemetery. Mead said, "We are tremendously grateful for the generosity of our donors, who are so supportive of our work to bring healing and freedom to women and men."

Regarding the location, Mead explained, "The donors liked the combination of visibility from Speedway Rd. and the privacy offered for private contemplation."

Destination for grieving

Christine Galvin, assistant coordinator and counselor with Project Rachel and Rachel's Vineyard for the Diocese of Madison, said the sculpture will be a destination for grieving parents, grandparents, and others who are grieving the loss of children from abortion.

Galvin said, "The emotions provoked by this statue are powerful, and our hope is that many who are struggling with the pain of loss will come to experience God's mercy and healing here."

The sculpture will not only be a destination for post abortive individuals but also for families who grieve the loss of a child through miscarriage.

Laura and Steve Karlen lost two children to miscarriage. Laura commented, "The statue is very moving -- it gives form to our lively hope that we will be reunited in Heaven with the children we lost to miscarriage." She added, "I find it comforting to have tangible reminders of these little ones. The statue and prayer area provide a place of connection for us, our living children, and our little saints."

Niches, memorial bricks

The sculpture will have a granite columbarium pedestal, where cremated remains may be laid to rest. Lenshek said, "The statue speaks especially to parents who grieve the loss of a young child, whether through miscarriage, stillbirth, illness, accident, or abortion."

Niches are available for purchase by contacting the cemetery office. The statue will be surrounded by a brick walkway, and memorial bricks are available at the statue website.

Donations accepted

Project Rachel and Rachel's Vineyard of the Diocese of Madison and Resurrection Cemetery have established a fund for the landscaping needed to foster a private atmosphere for prayer, while allowing the sculpture to be visible.

Donations are being accepted now, and a limited number of memorial benches for placement near the sculpture are also available. More information is available at

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