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Written by Mary C. Uhler, Catholic Herald Staff   
Thursday, Aug. 20, 2009 -- 12:00 AM

First in a series

MADISON -- This fall, the Diocese of Madison’s Office of Evangelization and Catechesis (OEC) is starting the new Seat of Wisdom Diocesan Institute (SOWDI), a program of catechetical certification and adult faith formation in the diocese.

The first course in the institute will be held on Tuesday, Sept. 8, at the Cathedral Parish of St. Raphael at St. Patrick Church in Madison.

To clarify and improve the effectiveness of diocesan catechetical efforts, the OEC hopes to unify the missions of what was previously referred to as the Diocesan Lay Institute and the current Formation of Religious Education Ministers by subsuming both into the “umbrella” of the SOWDI.

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Courses offered in fall 2009

CAT 101: Introduction to Sacred Scripture (12 hours), divided into three part

• SS 1-2: Introduction: Salvation History in Sacred Art (two hours)

• SS 3-4: Scriptural and Theological Foundations (two hours)

• SS 5-12: The T3 Bible Timeline by Mark Hart, DVD series (eight hours):

SS 5: Introduction to the Bible

SS 6: The Early World

SS 7: The Patriarchs

SS 8: Egypt & Exodus, Joshua, and Judges

SS 9: The Kingdom of God: United and Divided

SS 10: The Exile, the Return, and the Maccabean Revolt

SS 11: Jesus and the Gospels, the Messianic Fulfillment

SS 12: The Early Church and the Church Today

CAT 107: The Creed: What Catholics Believe (six hours, CRD 1-6):

• CRD 1: God the Father Almighty

• CRD 2: Creation & the Fall

• CRD 3: The Fullness of Revelation: Jesus Christ

• CRD 4: The Holy Spirit

• CRD 5: The Holy Catholic Church

• CRD 6: The Blessed Virgin Mary & the Last Things

Why name was chosen

Patrick Delaney, associate director of the OEC, explained why Seat of Wisdom was chosen as the name for this new program. “‘Seat of Wisdom’ is one of the titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary, for the Son of God, the Eternal Wisdom, took flesh from her womb and as an infant rested in her arms,” said Delaney.

In The Splendor of Truth, Pope John Paul II said, “In pondering her divine Son Jesus Christ, Mary ‘became the model of all those who hear the word of God and keep it (cf. Lk 11:28), and merited the title ‘Seat of Wisdom.’”

Added Delaney, “With Holy Mary as our model, the SOWDI seeks to serve the catechetical mission of the Church in leading the faithful to study and ponder the ‘mystery of Christ’ and, accordingly, put them ‘not only in touch but in communion, in intimacy, with Jesus Christ: only He can lead us to the love of the Father in the Spirit and make us share in the life of the Holy Trinity’(John Paul II, Catechesi Tradendae).”

Objective of program

The fundamental objective of this program, therefore, will be to study each of the topics in the light of Jesus of Nazareth.

Whether people are studying how Christ fulfills the Old Testament, His words and actions in the Gospels, His abiding presence in the Church and sacraments, Catholic moral teaching, prayer, the saints, cultural trends, or other religions, they will seek to explore all topics in light of Jesus Christ, “the way, and the truth, and the life”(Jn 14:6).

In addition, participants will answer such questions as: How do these realities relate to living as a disciple of Jesus today? How will these truths assist me in drawing others to Christ in my role as a teacher, catechist, principal, parent, friend, or simply as a baptized Catholic? How will this assist me in raising my family in the faith?

Seat of Wisdom Diocesan Institude fall schedule

Following are the courses offered in the Seat of Wisdom Diocesan Institute in the fall of 2009. For more information check the Office of Evangelization and Catechesis Web site by clicking here. Abbreviations for the courses and brief descriptions can be found in the box at right.

• Tuesday, Sept. 8 — SS 1-2, Cathedral Parish, Madison

• Monday, Sept. 14 — SS 1-2, Sun Prairie

•Tuesday, Sept. 15 — SS 1-2, Montello; SS 3-4, Cathedral

• Monday, Sept. 21 – SS 3-4, Sun Prairie

• Tuesday, Sept. 22 — SS 3-4, Montello; SS 1-2, Darlington; SS 5, Cathedral

• Monday, Sept. 28 — SS 5-6, Sun Prairie

• Tuesday, Sept. 29 — SS 1-2, Lancaster; SS 5-6, Montello; SS 3-4, Darlington; SS 6, Cathedral

• Tuesday, Oct. 6 — SS 1-2, Jefferson; SS 3-4, Lancaster; SS 7-8, Montello; SS 5-6, Darlington; SS 7, Cathedral

• Saturday, Oct. 10 — SS 1-6, Bishop O’Connor Center, Madison

• Monday, Oct. 12 — SS 7-8, Sun Prairie

• Tuesday, Oct. 13 — SS 3-4, Jefferson; SS 5-6, Lancaster; SS 1-2, Janesville; SS 9-10, Montello; SS 7-8, Darlington; SS 8, Cathedral

• Monday, Oct. 19 — SS 9-10, Sun Prairie

• Tuesday, Oct. 20 — SS 5-6, Jefferson; SS 7-8, Lancaster; SS 3-4, Janesville; SS 11-12, Montello; SS 9-10, Darlington; SS 1-2, Dodgeville; SS 9, Cathedral

• Monday, Oct. 26 — SS 11-12, Sun Prairie; SS 1-2, Lodi

• Tuesday, Oct. 27 — SS 7-8, Jefferson; SS 9-10, Lancaster; SS 5-6, Janesville; SS 11-12, Darlington; SS 3-4, Dodgeville; SS 10, Cathedral

• Monday, Nov. 2 — SS 3-4, Lodi

• Tuesday, Nov. 3 — SS 9-10, Jefferson; SS 11-12, Lancaster; SS 7-8, Janesville; SS 5-6, Dodgeville; SS 11, Cathedral

• Monday, Nov. 9 — SS 5-6, Lodi

• Tuesday, Nov. 10 — SS 11-12, Jefferson; SS 9-10, Janesville; SS 7-8, Dodgeville; SS 12, Cathedral

• Saturday, Nov. 14 — SS 7-12, Bishop O’Connor Center

• Monday, Nov. 16 — SS 7-8, Lodi

• Tuesday, Nov. 17 — SS 11-12, Janesville; SS 9-10, Dodgeville; CRD 1, Cathedral

• Monday, Nov. 23 — SS 9-10, Lodi

• Tuesday, Nov. 24 — SS 11-12, Dodgeville; CRD 2, Dickeyville

• Monday, Nov. 30 — SS 11-12, Lodi

• Tuesday, Dec. 1 — CRD 3, Cathedral

• Saturday, Dec. 12 — CRD 1-6, Bishop O’Connor Center

• Tuesday, Dec. 15 — CRD 4, Cathedral

Sites: Bishop O’Connor Center, Madison; Cathedral Parish of St. Raphael at St. Patrick Church, Madison; Holy Rosary Parish, Darlington; St. Joseph Parish, Dodgeville; St. John Vianney Parish, Janesville; St. John the Baptist Parish, Jefferson; St. Clement Parish, Lancaster; St. Patrick Parish, Lodi; St. John the Baptist Parish, Montello; and Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary Parish, Sun Prairie.

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