Regarding the criminal acquittal of Fr. William Nolan Print
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Thursday, Sep. 19, 2019 -- 12:00 AM

Following is a statement released by the Diocese of Madison.

MADISON -- The Diocese of Madison received word September 13 that Fr. William Nolan, a retired priest of the diocese, was found not guilty by a jury of all counts against him stemming from charges that he had sexually abused a minor.

While the diocese has received the news of Father Nolan’s criminal acquittal on all charges with a sense of gratitude, diocesan leadership now has the responsibility to undertake its own investigation, using the best information it has available. That investigation, which previously had been paused so as not to interfere with the criminal process, can now commence.

During the period of the Church’s investigation, Father Nolan remains under the restrictions placed on him previously (commonly known as “Administrative Leave”). It is important to note, however, that he should continue to receive every presumption of innocence.

As always, any allegation of sexual misconduct should be brought to the attention of law enforcement officials. If allegations involve priests, deacons, or other Church personnel, regardless of when they are said to have occurred, they should also be reported to the Diocese of Madison, by way of the Sexual Misconduct Question and Reporting Line, 608-821-3162.

The diocesan policies regarding sexual abuse allegations, and instructions for making a report of sexual misconduct, are available on the diocesan website:

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