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Written by Kevin Wondrash, Catholic Herald Staff   
Thursday, Aug. 29, 2019 -- 12:00 AM
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Residents of All Saints Senior Apartments in Madison who have lived in the community since it opened 15 years ago were recently honored with a gift of red roses at an anniversary celebration on August 15. The roses were presented by Property Manager Michelle Naegle, far left; Property Coordinator Marissa Spahn, second from left, back; and President and CEO of Elder Span Management David Griffin, far right. The long-time residents are: top row, from left: Pat Dahl, Kathy Verage, Sue Standiford, and Elaine Busch; bottom row, from left: Ruth Tormey and Ruth Rand. (Contributed photo)

“It’s just a wonderful place to be,” said Pat Dahl.

“It’s a community,” said Kathy Verage.

Both Dahl and Verage are among the several residents who have lived at All Saints Senior Apartments in Madison since it opened in August of 2004.

The complex, the first in the All Saints Neighborhood, is celebrating its 15th anniversary this year.

The community, which also includes a second complex of apartments — the Main Street Apartments — cottages and condominiums, assisted living, and memory care, is owned by Catholic Charities Madison and operated by Elder Span Management.

Living in a community

Both Dahl and Verage have enjoyed the many opportunities living in the community has provided them over the past decade and a half.

“They’ve got things going on all the time. There is no reason to be bored or feel on your own,” said Dahl, calling it “a wonderful community. You can’t say enough good things about it.”

Verage added, “There are so many activities” and remembered the time she, Dahl, and other residents put on a play — their version of A Christmas Carol — in which Verage herself played “Scrooge”.

Verage recalled one of the main reasons she moved to the All Saints apartments was for the chapel and the faith community.

“We didn’t know how this was going to develop,” Verage said of her and all the charter residents of the apartments.

With a good number of Catholics, including retired priests of the Diocese of Madison, living in the apartments, Dahl calls herself the “token Lutheran,” adding with a smile that her Catholic neighbors are “good Christian people”.

Dahl has embraced opportunities to also be a “good Christian” and helps her neighbors whenever she’s doing “whatever needs to be done,” such as giving them rides, cooking, or cleaning.

Along with the faith opportunities, such as Mass and praying the Rosary, there are also many recreational activities at the All Saints Senior Apartments, which Dahl, Verage, and their neighbors take advantage of.

A look at this month’s activity calendar shows plenty of games, exercises, movies, musical performances, a Wisconsin Dells boat ride outing, and a trip to the zoo.

Celebrating 15 years

Residents of All Saints Senior Apartments, staff, and guests recently had a party celebrating the 15th anniversary of the community.

In the Community Room decorated with red balloons, and drinks ready to be served in the back, Property Manager Michelle Naegle welcomed everyone who attended.

“We are so glad you could all join us in celebrating this milestone,” said Naegle, who then introduced David Griffin, president and CEO of Elder Span Management.

Griffin said he was happy to be at the celebration on what he called “a very exciting big big milestone day.”

“Some of you have been here from the get go,” Griffin said.

“For those of you that are relatively new, welcome to you, and you’ve got a lot to look forward to . . . you will soon realize what a fantastic family the All Saints Senior Apartments is and the All Saints campus is.”

Griffin thanked the All Saints staff and Catholic Charities for all that they do and have done to make the senior apartments and the community as a whole thrive over the past decade and a half.

He also thanked the residents for their role in the successes.

“At the end of the day,” Griffin said, “what really creates a family environment, here at All Saints, are all of you . . . all are to be congratulated for making this environment here at All Saints Senior Apartments just a phenomenal environment.”

Griffin recognized six residents currently living in the apartments that have been there since day one. They were also given a red rose as a gift of appreciation for being the longtime foundation of the community.

Catholic Charities Madison President and CEO Jackson Fonder spoke and congratulated the residents on their 15th anniversary.

He also thanked them for their support — clothing, food, and donations — for The Beacon, the homeless day resource center in Madison, which Catholic Charities operates with other area entities.

Fonder also remarked that he has a “new boss” in recently installed Bishop Donald J. Hying of Madison, calling him “the most wonderful man ever . . . he’s got compassion and love and gentleness and grace, and I think you’re going to like him.”

Fonder said Bishop Hying wants to celebrate Mass at All Saints soon and that details will hopefully be worked out in the near future to make it happen.

All Saints Senior Apartments resident and retired Diocese of Madison priest Fr. Tom Gillespie gave a blessing during the anniversary program.

It was “not a sermon, just a blessing,” he joked.

Father Gillespie said, “Any endeavor undertaking is certainly with the help of God and his guidance and providential care.

He prayed, “We give you thanks, today, oh God, as we celebrate the 15th anniversary of All Saints Senior Apartments. We are grateful to be under the patronage of all the saints in heaven, for through them you give us both strength and good example.”

With the celebration taking place on the Feast of the Assumption of Mary, “the greatest saint of all,” Father Gillespie added, “through her intercession and the intercession of all the saints, we ask your protection and providential care . . . may we always be a community built on true charity, growing in respect and love for one another.”

Following the anniversary program, a reception was held with cake, food, drinks, a harpist, and fellowship.

‘Spirited Senior Living!’

The website for All Saints Senior Apartments says residents will find “Spirited Senior Living!”

It added that “Choosing All Saints means choosing an exciting new chapter of life on Madison’s west side, close to shopping, restaurants, and clinics.

“And for added convenience, an array of dining, recreational, and entertainment opportunities are waiting for you just a short stroll across the skywalk to the Neighborhood Main Street.”

Other additional details include, “At All Saints, no entry fee or life lease is required. Fewer financial hurdles gives you the freedom to do the things you want to do. And since the neighborhood provides continuing care, you have the reassurance of priority access to the other living options.”

Finally, “We think you’ll find this is a special place. Not only because of the amenities waiting for you, but because All Saints is a neighborhood like neighborhoods used to be: where friendships are forged, neighbor helps neighbor, and the community is bonded together by shared values.”

For more information on All Saints Senior Apartments in Madison, go to or call 608-827-2222.

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