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Written by Kristen Beckett, For the Catholic Herald   
Thursday, Feb. 22, 2018 -- 12:00 AM
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MADISON -- “In daring to hope, we express our faith and love in the Lord, and in daring to hope, we will find ourselves loving and caring for the spiritual needs of those in our diocese and elsewhere.”

Bishop Robert C. Morlino has chosen “We Dare to Hope” as the theme of the 2018 Annual Catholic Appeal (ACA). In a world where there is so much despair, hate, and sadness, we as Catholics can take this opportunity to hold on to, and share with everyone we can, our only true source of hope: Jesus Christ, the Risen Lord, who will never disappoint.

As we take time to reflect further upon this year’s ACA theme, it gives us the opportunity to look at all of the hope that a donation to the ACA can provide.

From supporting one of the 30-plus programs offered through Catholic Charities, to empowering Catholic education through support for teachers and schools, to providing mentorship and resources for family, college, and youth ministries, a donation to the ACA allows you to truly know, love, and serve the Lord.

This year’s ACA is, once again, seeking your help and asking for you to prayerfully consider what you are able to do, to support so many important ministries that are impacted throughout our diocese, through your donation.

Next weekend, parishes across the diocese will participate in commitment weekend.

Note from the Diocesan Offices

A noticeable mistake was printed in the tabloid material for this year’s Annual Catholic Appeal (mailed to some, and inserted in this week’s Catholic Herald and in many bulletins), in the “by the numbers” section, where it lists the number of seminarians for the diocese as “0”.

As has been well publicized throughout the diocese and beyond, we do, in fact, have 24 men presently studying for the diocesan priesthood. Furthermore, we will have three men ordained this year, and we could have as many as seven to 10 additional seminarians next year.

While it is regrettable that this mistake was made, and only found (by the bishop himself) after the materials were printed, it allows us the opportunity to bring the ongoing success of our vocations program to your attention again. We ask your pardon, apologize for the error, and request continued prayers for our seminarians. Mea Culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa. This mistake has been corrected in the online version.

You will view a short video highlighting more of the ministries that the ACA supports, to get a good idea of where your donation is going.

You should have already received a pledge card and letter from Bishop Morlino in the mail, and there is additional information located in the ACA insert in this week’s print paper. Please take some time to review this material and prayerfully consider what you can give.

I invite your participation and thank you for your support. For more information on the Annual Catholic Appeal, or to make an online donation, visit the diocesan website at

Kristen Beckett is associate director of the Office of Stewardship and Development of the Diocese of Madison.

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