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Written by Julie Allington, For the Catholic Herald   
Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017 -- 12:00 AM
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Beth Farlow making Rosaries

MCFARLAND -- Just as Jesus multiplied five barley loaves and two fish to feed the multitude, so too, through Mother Mary’s intercession, he has multiplied the efforts of Mary’s Rosary Assemblers of Christ the King Parish in McFarland to answer many prayers.

In the March 9, 2017, issue of the Catholic Herald, Mary’s Rosary Assemblers announced its 10-year anniversary in an article entitled “Touching Lives -- One Bead at a Time.” The article reported accomplishments to date, including distribution of over 24,000 mission Rosaries and efforts to promote a devotion to the Holy Rosary.

From that simple article, many lives are indeed being touched and many prayers are being answered. Below are three amazing stories of how the Lord and his Mother are working to touch lives in very diverse and unique ways.

Beth’s story -- Rosaries made and distributed, and Mary’s touch is felt

Beth Farlow’s story begins in the 1980’s. She played the flute in the band for two years at Beloit Catholic High School, under the direction of band director, Jack Farina. She graduated in 1987.

In 2001, Beth attended a group therapy session in Janesville where she was living. There she met Alex and Susan. From the first meeting, Beth and Susan became good friends, mutually helping each other. Beth provided rides for Susan, who is legally blind, and Susan provided support for Beth. It turns out that Susan is Jack Farina’s daughter.

Several incidences made it important for Beth to find a support group. First, Beth had begun assembling beautiful Rosaries as therapy for her epilepsy. But the organization that had distributed them was no longer available. Second, when Beth’s employment situation changed, she was forced to move from Janesville to Sun Prairie, losing the closeness of her dear friend, Susan.

Jack Farina, led by Our Blessed Mother to the article in the Catholic Herald, was prompted to contact Mary’s Rosary Assemblers to possibly distribute Beth’s Rosaries. He was also instrumental in connecting Beth to this group.

Beth is now a member of Mary’s Rosary Assemblers. She has contributed 1,600 beautiful Rosaries to date, answering Mary’s Rosary Assemblers’ prayers to fulfill its commitment of 600 rosaries for Haiti through the Sacred Heart Haiti Mission located in Rochester, Minn.; 400 Rosaries to area hospitals and hospice, for Catholic patients and their families; and the rest to the missions in India and Tanzania.

Through Mother Mary’s intercession, Beth now is part of a supportive group, and Mary’s Rosary Assemblers serves as a conduit for the beautiful Rosaries Beth makes to impact many lives. And Alex? Beth and Alex were married in 2004.

Theresa’s story -- A call to make Rosaries and begin a new adventure

In January of 2016, Theresa’s dear friend, Tom Kennedy, passed away. He had made lovely chain Rosaries. Upon the death of her friend, Theresa believed that she was being called to make Rosaries. It wasn’t until her father passed away in June of 2016 that she decided to try and make Rosaries, with the supplies that she received from Mr. Kennedy’s daughter.

Theresa had concerns about the integrity of her Rosaries, fearing that they would fall apart with use. She didn’t want to give them away in case they would break.

Mother Mary guided her to the article in the Catholic Herald. She was very excited and contacted Mary’s Rosary Assemblers for input on how to improve her Rosary-making skills, for suggestions on what to do with the Rosaries she had made, and for general support.

Even though she lives an hour away in Montello, Theresa has become a member of Mary’s Rosary Assemblers. Since she works in Madison, she is able to attend the monthly meetings and with the expert guidance of members of Mary’s Rosary Assemblers, her beautiful chain Rosaries will be available at future Rosary Sales, which support the distribution of Rosaries to foreign missions.

On another note, in June of 2017, Theresa participated on a three-day pilgrimage, walking from Our Lady of Good Help Shrine in Champion (north of Green Bay), to the Shrine of Our Lady, Help of Christians in Holy Hill (outside Milwaukee).

The pilgrimage, called the Wisconsin Way, was established in 2013 by Fr. Andrew Kurz of the Diocese of Green Bay. The Wisconsin Way brings to America the experience of The Way of St. James in Spain (Del Camino de Santiago), thus expanding pilgrims’ access to the adventure and spiritual blessings of pilgrimage. More information can be found at

Theresa presented her pilgrimage experience and pictures at the June meeting of Mary’s Rosary Assemblers, where she learned that another member of the Rosary Group had walked part of Del Camino de Santiago in Spain. Coincidence or Divine Providence? We are now awaiting Mother Mary’s direction for this new adventure upon which she will surely be leading us.

Frt. Peter’s story -- Spreading devotion to the Rosary and gaining a spiritual mother

From its inception, Mary’s Rosary Assemblers has acknowledged that its purpose is to assist Mother Mary in her Rosary initiative and follow where she leads. Thus the Rosary group was not surprised to receive a request for Rosaries from Tanzania -- 8,400 miles away.

Frt. Peter Kazimoto, a seminarian at the St. Augustine Major Seminary in Tanzania, would soon be leaving for Gua Parish as his summer assignment to gain pastoral and administrative experience, before returning to the seminary in September.

He was motivated by Mother Mary to search online for a source of Rosaries in order to promote a devotion to the Holy Rosary among the parishioners of his assigned parish. His search led him to the Catholic Herald article.

On April 14, 2017, he emailed Mary’s Rosary Assemblers with his request. Because of the remoteness of Gua Parish, there is no mail service. Mary’s Rosary Assemblers was able to ship 300 mission Rosaries, and supplies and tools to make 100 more, to Frt. Peter before he left for his parish.

Since that time, Frt. Peter has shared how appreciative his parishioners are to receive the Rosaries, both at Gua Parish, and at Ilungu Parish, where he was later transferred. He has spread a devotion to the Holy Rosary to honor the Blessed Mother, and he hopes that it will be fruitful to the parishioners and to the Church in general.

And he thanks God for the gift of life and his vocation to the priesthood, asking for prayers as he continues his priestly formation, and assures Mary’s Rosary Assemblers and the parishioners of Christ the King Parish of his prayers and Mass intentions for them.

Another fruit that has resulted from the relationship between Frt. Peter and Mary’s Rosary Assemblers is that one member has assumed the role of his spiritual mother. As a spiritual work of mercy, prayers and sacrifices are offered for Frt. Peter’s successful journey to the priesthood and will continue throughout his priestly vocation.

The Lord, with Mother Mary’s intercession, has indeed multiplied the efforts of Mary’s Rosary Assemblers to reach thousands of people and to answer many prayers.

For comments or for more information on Mary’s Rosary Assemblers, contact Julie Allington at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 715-862-2523.

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