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Thursday, Apr. 06, 2017 -- 12:00 AM


Fr. Jerry Zhanay presents chicken dish
Fr. Jerry Zhanay presents his Fr. Jerry’s Asian Chicken dish which will be featured at the Taste of Divine Mercy: An Adoration Chapel Celebration in Sauk City. (Contributed photo)

SAUK CITY -- The Mary, Mother of God women’s group from Divine Mercy Parish will be hosting the Taste of Divine Mercy: An Adoration Chapel Celebration on Saturday, April 29, after the 4:30 p.m. Mass in the St. Aloysius School gym in Sauk City.

Guests can bid on their favorite dishes to determine the winner in each category of food. There will also be a silent auction. Proceeds from the celebration will support the upkeep and renovation of the Adoration Chapel.

Tasting event, auction

Tasting is free. Parishioners with special recipes to share have signed up to provide main dishes, sides, and desserts. Dishes in the same category will compete against each other and the winners will be determined based on monetary donations.

Beer, wine, and soda will be available for purchase. Winners will be announced at 7:30 p.m.

The silent auction will include many food-related items, such as desserts from families of St. Aloysius School, community donations, and everyone’s favorite: dinner prepared by the priests!

There will also be a cakewalk for children from 6 to 7 p.m.

Women are caretakers

The Adoration Chapel has been drawing prayers from the surrounding area for over two years. The women’s group at Divine Mercy parish has dedicated its talents as caretaker of the Adoration Chapel, through prayers, upkeep, and fundraising.

The group meets twice a month. Pastor Fr. John Blewett gives an inspirational talk at one of the meetings each month followed by a celebration of the Holy Mass in the chapel. All women are welcome to join in the activities at any time.

Laura Breunig is president of the women’s group and Adoration coordinator. She commented, “The women’s group was started so that the women of our parish could spend time together in faith and fellowship and support for one another. It has become so much more than that.

“We are the caretakers of our beautiful Adoration Chapel. We promote and care for our chapel in every aspect. By being the caretakers of the chapel, we insure that the chapel remains a beautiful place for all to come and have the most intimate of conversations with Jesus.”

Breunig further highlights the benefits, “Through this role, we have grown closer and have a deeper knowledge of our faith and our relationship with God. Through this role as caretaker, we as women have become closer to each other. We are brought together in His love. We offer support not just for each other but for all who enter the chapel to adore Jesus.”

In encouraging others to consider Adoration, Breunig added, “Our chapel is my most very favorite place as it is for many, it is our refuge, our place to leave this world behind and just be with God.”

Importance of Adoration

Father Blewett recently talked about the Adoration Chapel with religious education students. “Adoration is a big word, isn’t it,” he said. He asked them, “Do you like to spend lots of time with your friends? Well this is what Adoration is. It means spending time with Jesus.

“You can come to the Adoration Chapel and spend a little time or a lot of time with Jesus. Some people spend a whole hour and some even come in the middle of the night when you are sleeping to be with Jesus.

“An hour seems like a long time, but it goes by just like that,” he shared as he flashed his hand through the air. “Some people like being with Jesus so much that they come to the chapel three or four hours every week.”

Updates to chapel

Donations from parishioners have supported updates such as the new Stations of the Cross, which have already been installed. Funding for statues of Mary and Joseph, the Crucifix, a Lamb of God Medallion for the front of the altar, and five stained glass windows has been received. The parish is still accepting donations for the sixth stained glass window.

Louise Ballweg and her daughter Danielle Hruby have dedicated much time and talent towards the planning and preparation for the Taste of Divine Mercy. Ballweg said, “Adoration allows us to step back from our daily worries and struggles. It is a gentle reminder that we are not for this world, but for heaven.

“Spending time at the Adoration Chapel can be an intimate and personal experience. It’s time spent talking, praying, reading, and/or just being with our Lord.” She also shares St. Teresa’s quote, ‘When you look at the crucifix, you understand how much Jesus loved you then. When you look at the Sacred Host, you understand how much Jesus loves you now’.”

Ballweg continues, “Having our chapel has been a huge blessing to me personally and the parish as a whole. It is definitely a cause for celebration. We invite you to be part of the Adoration celebration. Please join us at the Taste of Divine Mercy and partake of some great food and lots of family fun!”

Breunig also encourages all to attend by saying, “The Taste of Divine Mercy is a celebration of the chapel and of all the blessings we have received because of the chapel. It is a celebration for all of those who dedicate hours of their time in devotion to Our Lord.

“I hope for a huge turnout to the Taste of Divine Mercy to help us celebrate and for those who attend, I pray they become part of our chapel family and the women’s group!”

All are invited to join in the good food and fun on April 29 at 5:30 p.m. to celebrate and help contribute towards the wonderful blessings given by the Adoration Chapel.

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