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Written by Jill Driscoll, Director, Office of Stewardship and Development, Diocese of Madison   
Thursday, Sep. 22, 2016 -- 12:00 AM

MADISON -- Due to the success of the Priests for Our Future capital campaign, the future of the Diocese of Madison seminarian program continues to be strong.

This is thanks in part to the generous donors to the Priests for Our Future campaign and most importantly the Holy Spirit working through your continued prayers.

As of August 31, the results on the campaign are as follows:

• Total Pledged-to-Date: $43,798,805

• Total Paid-to-Date: $21,212,937

The campaign office is working to collect on outstanding pledges made during the parish phase. Even with the Priests for Our Future capital campaign exceeding the $30 million goal in pledged, we have not yet reached that goal in paid pledges.

In any capital campaign, expenses directly related to the campaign must be paid out of the campaign proceeds. In addition, not everyone who made a pledge is able to fulfill it in partial or in full. This uncollected portion can be caused by many things, including people moving out of the area, unplanned expenses, or a life change that affects their finances. In the campaign office, time is spent trying to minimize the uncollected amount in order to ultimately reach our goal.

Once a parish reaches their goal in paid, they may be eligible to receive a rebate. So far in the campaign, six different parishes have received rebates totaling over $59,000. As the campaign continues to collect on outstanding pledges, the number of parishes and the amount paid in rebates will continue to grow. These funds are unrestricted income to the parishes and can be used however they choose. What a true blessing!

The Priests for Our Future endowment fund supports the education of our future seminarians. The need for more priests is being felt all over the Diocese of Madison. If you have an outstanding pledge to the Priests for Our Future campaign, please continue paying on the pledge and help us reach our goal.

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