Berlin’s All Saints Parish to perform 'The Wondrous Story' Print
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Thursday, Dec. 10, 2015 -- 12:00 AM

BERLIN -- All Saints Parish in Berlin strives to encourage participation and appreciation of the arts within its parish community.

To this end, its members will perform The Wondrous Story on Saturday, Dec. 19, at 7 p.m., at Berlin High School, 222 Memorial Dr.

Tickets are $3.50 and are available at the parish office and at the door.

Produced by Artel Design Studio, this is the third Christmas musical performed by the parish. Artel Design Studio is owned and operated by All Saints parishioners Carol and Bob Fehring. Carol will also be serving as director.

The audience will be invited to revisit and celebrate Christ’s story and remember the impact that His coming has had on their lives.

This year's musical has a simple concept, but the performance will be moving and dramatic for performers and the audience.

Planning began in April

The process began in April with the selection of the music.

The next step was creating a narrative based on the scriptural telling of the Christmas story, broken into segments that set up the songs.

Beautifully orchestrated instrumental recordings were purchased for the solos and scene transitions.

The Wondrous Story will feature music from all genres, ranging from Toby Mac (“Forgiveness”) to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (“The Friendly Beasts”).

One of the most unique selections is the opening number. It is a parody of the “Bohemian Rhapsody,” originally performed by Queen. The melody is the same, but the lyrics have been re-written. The new title is “Bethlehemian Rhapsody.”

Additional performers

Professional choreographer Kevin Andrews and ballet dancer Heather Liskiewitz will perform with the cast this year and also appear as soloists.

A new addition to this year’s performance will be the drum group Potts and Pans. They will be performing with the cast for the finale, “Little Drummer Boy.” Andrews choreographed many of the dance routines for the production.

Musical is a family affair

The musical is becoming a family affair for many of the families who belong to the parish.

Tim Bartol, his wife Jamie, and three daughters will all be performing in this year's production. In addition, the Wiegel, Clinch, Budde, Stemler, Osterberg, and Helmuth families will also have multiple members of their family involved in the musical.

Lori Cumbie, Brad Resop, and Mark Kasouboski are also playing a part in making the musical possible.