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Thursday, Jan. 24, 2013 -- 12:00 AM

MADISON -- Care Net Pregnancy Center of Dane County's request to construct a mixed-use building with 36 residential units and a daycare facility was unanimously approved recently by the Madison City Plan Commission.

Care Net is seeking to develop an affordable workforce housing apartment building on the adjoining property, 1360 MacArthur Rd., called Eagle Harbor Apartments.

Care Net Pregnancy Center of Dane County is a non-profit organization that has been serving the community for 28 years. It offers free and confidential help through medical services, education, a residential program, and ongoing support.

Since 2005, Care Net has been operating on Madison's east side near East Washington Ave. and Stoughton Rd. The organization realized a need on Madison's east side for affordable workforce housing after hearing an overwhelming interest from women living in Care Net's residential program, The Elizabeth House, for safe, secure, and supportive nearby workforce housing.

Two graduates of The Elizabeth House spoke to the city commission in support of the proposal, saying these apartments would help others in situations like theirs.

The name, Eagle Harbor Apartments, portrays a biblical image. God is pictured as an eagle caring for her young -- protecting them in the nest, sending them forth to fly, and supporting them on her wings in their first flights until they can fly on their own (Deut. 32:11).

A harbor is a place to refresh and repair before going out to sea. This "harbor" will also offer quality onsite infant-to-two-year-old daycare for working mothers and fathers, a community room, life and job skills training, financial literacy, parenting and relationship education, mentoring, and professional counseling.

Potential residents of Eagle Harbor will have mixed incomes and will be screened through Meridian Group's professional apartment management systems.

"Eagle Harbor Apartments will be a safe, affordable place for families, singles, seniors, our clients, and graduates of Care Net's residential program, with individualized long term programming such as child care, financial classes, and parenting resources," said Care Net Executive Director, Liz Osborn.

"It is our hope that Eagle Harbor will one day be a model for other cities for affordable, high-quality workforce housing. We will work together to make the city an affordable, safe, and even better place to live."

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