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Thursday, Oct. 23, 2008 -- 12:00 AM

MADISON -- The Diocese of Madison has reached an agreement with Phoenix Fundraising Council regarding the just compensation for their services on a recent feasibility study for a capital campaign.

In agreed-upon language from both sides, the settlement states, in part, that:

1. The parties regret that there was a misunderstanding with respect to any request by the Diocese for information regarding the priests of the Diocese or their surveys.

2. Phoenix acknowledges that the Diocese never took a position that nothing was owed to Phoenix. Rather, the question was always the amount owed.

3. The termination of Phoenix was based upon a desire by the Diocese to postpone the fundraising campaign to a better economic time and the Diocese acknowledges that the services of Phoenix were of high quality.

4. The parties acknowledge that this settlement is satisfactory to both parties. The parties agree that the settlement amount is confidential and shall not be disclosed.

The Diocese of Madison has held from the start that neither Bishop Robert C. Morlino nor his staff requested confidential information regarding the priests or their surveys. With this settlement, the Diocese is satisfied with the agreed upon statement that there was a legitimate misunderstanding between the Diocese and Phoenix Fundraising regarding the Diocese’s request for priest information and surveys.

Furthermore, the Diocese is happy that an agreement could be reached as to what was the amount owed to Phoenix Fundraising for services rendered.

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