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Thursday, Mar. 11, 2010 -- 1:00 AM

Following is an update of a story that ran in the January 28 issue of the Catholic Herald about Pam Charles, a Beloit nurse and volunteer for Health Ministries for Haiti. She was at an orphanage in Haiti when the January 12 earthquake occurred.

BELOIT -- According to recent information from the orphanage at Croix Des Bouquets, Beloit nurse Pam Charles said, school classes are still not in session due to the damage from the earthquake. She said some of the wooden pieces, used for school desks, were burned to use for firewood for cooking purposes.

Health Ministries for Haiti (HMH) board member and co-founder, Sarah Cain, Madison, said more than $25,000 was donated to HMH in the first few weeks since the earthquake. "We've had a fantastic response," she said.

Continuing needs

She said there is continuing need for funds for food and other items at the orphanage and clinic. Also, people or groups are asked to help make the children's lives meaningful with a commitment to sponsor a child at the orphanage each month. "For a $35 donation each month, a child can be provided with food, clothing, and other needs," Cain pointed out.

HMH will assist anyone wishing to choose a child to sponsor. There are pictures and other information available. Interested persons can call HMH at 608-213-1301 or visit the Web site, The information is also on the HMH Facebook page.

Packages reaching Haiti

Cain said food is still desperately needed. Despite the unstable situation for food distribution in the earthquake-devastated area, HMH has developed a reliable method for sending food packages. She expressed appreciation for the assistance of contact persons in Croix Des Bouquets, especially Eddy Destine at the clinic.

"We've been successfully shipping boxes of food and needed items to the orphanage. We can track these packages thanks to Eddy and another person who leads the orphanage.

"They always send us confirmation when they pick up the packages. Then we receive an itemized list of what's in each box," Cain explained. HMH will continue to send food until there is a permanent food distribution plan in Haiti, she added.

What is most important, HMH volunteers can purchase food in bulk, so donations of money are most appreciated. Cain said tents are also being requested.

People can specify what their monetary donations can be used for, said Cain. Besides monthly sponsorship of a child, donations are used for present needs or for the orphanage. "And, we plan to construct a new orphanage building as soon as possible," she stated.

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