A new season full of new beginnings Print
Living and Learning
Thursday, Mar. 05, 2009 -- 1:00 AM
Living and Learning column by Msgr. Daniel T. Ganshert

Daylight Savings Time returns. One rooster's step longer. That is how my parents described the gradual lengthening of brightness each day from winter into spring.

One day at a time like the little step of a bird, the world enjoys more light as we shed the winter wearies and embrace the lingering dusks to come.

Before long, acres and acres will be roused for planting going into the evening as added light warms soil and sows hope in our heartland. No more what has been, but what will be; the sounds and smells of a new season full of new beginnings. Promise, growth, hope; one day at a time like the little step of a bird.

I think of all of this as I remember the words of Pope John Paul II of blessed memory who spoke of these days, our days, as a springtime in the Church.

Lent, an old English word for spring, helps us move from the darkness of everyday concerns into light. The light of hope in all that Jesus Christ has promised those who love him. This hope that has been planted in us at Baptism to grow one step at a time. To grow when we defend all human life including the unborn and most vulnerable. To grow when we serve others in various charitable apostolates. To grow as we follow in the footsteps of the Lord who brings what Daylight Savings Time can only hint at, everlasting light.

So, this Sunday, what would I give to be able to move my spiritual clock ahead as easily as the one on my wrist? Why? Because of Sacred Scripture's reminder that the time of penance has come, the time to atone for our sins and to seek our salvation. This weekend, this Lent, let's not forget to turn things ahead.

Msgr. Daniel Ganshert is the vicar general for the Diocese of Madison.