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Guest column
Tuesday, May. 14, 2013 -- 12:00 AM

With three newly ordained priests and two new deacons this year, we have every reason to be thankful to God as a diocese. The Year of Faith is also a time of rekindling in our young people the zeal for religious vocations. It is a time to always keep before us the admonition of our Lord Jesus Christ in Luke 18:1, “To pray always and not lose heart.”

Over the last few years, our seminarians have been going to a few parishes during the summer months to share their stories and to bring awareness to priestly vocations. These talks have been well received by the parishioners. They are opportunities for people to meet these men who someday will become priests and end up working in some of these parishes. Our seminarians are eager to share their stories and tell you about life in the seminary.

Beginning this summer, our goal is to have the seminarians speak at all the parishes in the diocese. Your pastor will let you know which weekend you should expect this to happen. They will be speaking at all the Masses for that weekend so everyone who gets to church will have a chance to hear them. This is a talk you won’t want to miss.

I am really encouraged by many who have answered our call to help fund seminarian training through the St. Joseph Fund. This is the fund that is set apart for training and education of seminarians in our diocese.

With the increase in the number of seminarians, there is greater need to shore up this fund to meet the demands. We are counting on your continued support of our work. For more information on how to support the St. Joseph Fund, call me at 608-821-3095 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Once again thank you for your support and keep our newly ordained priests and seminarians in your prayers.

Fr. Paul U. Arinze is director of the Office of Vocations of the Diocese of Madison.