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Learning the truth about planned parenthood Print
Guest column
Thursday, Nov. 01, 2012 -- 12:00 AM

Guest Column

The name on the adjoining office door read “Planned Parenthood.” We were coming out of an appointment in an office which shared a small lobby. Their innocent, helpful sounding name was successful. I thought to myself, “Maybe they could help me!”

I had never heard of that organization, nor Natural Family Planning. We were married three years and were blessed with two beautiful children. THANKS BE TO GOD I never went back there!

The next time I heard the name “Planned Parenthood” was about 13 to 14 years later. Our child had made a new friend at school who had just moved to the area. Their mother worked there.

Then my child called home one day and said they and the friend were at Planned Parenthood because that mother was able to give them a ride home from their activities in that area.

Educated on the pro-life position

I realized our family had been tragically duped, under my watch. A friend lovingly educated me about the pro-life position of the Catholic Church.

We contacted Pro-Life Wisconsin and became involved in sidewalk pro-life prayer vigils outside the Madison Abortion Clinic across from St. Raphael Cathedral in Madison, under the guidance of the Servants of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

It was 20 years from the first time I saw the name Planned Parenthood on that office door until I became aware of the truth about their evil work and the truth about all abortion organizations.

Keeping prayer vigil

The Madison Abortion Clinic moved to the brand-new Planned Parenthood on Orin Rd. on the northeast side of Madison with the grand opening in January, 2004. We kept a peaceful, pro-life prayer vigil on the public sidewalk during the celebration.

Now, almost nine years later, Vigil For Life Madison, an affiliate of Pro-Life Wisconsin, is conducting a sixth year of 40 Days For Life prayer vigils at the Orin Rd. Planned Parenthood, through November 4.

Closing event

The closing of the Madison 40 Days For Life will be held at 3706 Orin Rd. on Sunday, Nov. 4. People attending are asked to arrive at 4:30 p.m., parking in the nearby Women's Care Center parking lot or on the street. Be in place on the public sidewalk on the northeast corner behind the Planned Parenthood building by 4:45 p.m.

At 5 p.m., 15 decades of the Rosary will be prayed in a procession led by Fr. John Sasse, pastor of St. Patrick Parish, Cottage Grove, followed by the Angelus.

For those unable to pray outside, there will be a Rosary prayed indoors at St. Patrick Church in Cottage Grove from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. Shortly after 6:30 p.m., all are invited to a cake/beverage reception in the St. Patrick, Cottage Grove, church basement.

Thanks to all who prayed/fasted/kept vigil during 40 Days For Life. You can still sign up for hours, or stop by. See or call Bette at 608-358-5963.

Jeanne Breunig, Cross Plains, is active in the pro-life movement in the Diocese of Madison.