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Growing closer to the Mother of God during May Print
Guest column
Thursday, May. 05, 2011 -- 12:00 AM

Our Lady is for us the ultimate example of somebody adhering herself fully to God’s will. She was surely scared and unsure of what might come next, but unknowingly said yes to God’s will, that she would bear His son.

We can use this as a model for our relationship with God, and invoke Mary’s kind whispers in Jesus’ ear to help us through a hard time and grow closer to Jesus.

Devotion through the Rosary

Obviously, a powerful devotion to Our Lady, the Rosary is a great way to strengthen your relationship with God’s mother. While many people my own age think of the Rosary as a chore to pray with family or a boring task, sometimes its true potential is never quite realized.

I like to think of the Rosary as offering little flowers to Our Lady, kind of like picking flowers for your mom. It may be hard in the moment, and it may take effort, but she will surely appreciate it in the long run and be inclined to help you, especially when you most need it.

Obviously, this example has its flaws, as Our Lady will never abandon you, but the image presents itself.

In addition, you can be sure that the devil hates nothing more than the Rosary, so we will always please God by asking the intercession of his mother. We know that she will guide us gently to him.

Marian pilgrimage

Because of this strong power in the Rosary, the best time of the year for a pilgrimage is the month of May.This can be a great, low-pressure way to introduce the Rosary to people you know, or those who may have forgotten its beauty.

It’s a wonderful way to become closer to Our Lady, and because pilgrimages are made to a destination with some kind of Marian focus, take the opportunity to step back from the normal way you pray the Rosary, or begin praying it regularly if it’s not a normal practice.

Use of the scapular

Another way to embrace Mary’s month is through the use of her brown scapular.

This scapular has a number of promises and benefits given to faithful Catholics by the Holy Mother.

However, for these to take effect, one must be officially enrolled in the scapular program. Because this promise was made by Our Lady herself at Mount Carmel, wearing the scapular can be a great reminder of the commitment to live life as a Catholic in every aspect and of the great help Our Lady can be in this endeavor, if only invoked.

May is a wonderful month to grow closer to Our Lady, and to more fully encounter the true love she has for Jesus and for us.

The beginning of May brings flowers, the awakenings of summer, and warm weather.

It also christens the month in the Church dedicated to the Most Holy Mary. While any month is good to get closer to the Mother of God, Mary holds a special meaning to Catholics in the month of May.

Olivia Knier is a senior at Waunakee High School. She enjoys running, singing, writing for her high school newspaper, The Purple Sage, spending time with her family, and learning about her Catholic faith.