Thirty pounds lighter, thanks to an Angel Print
Grand Mom
Thursday, Oct. 22, 2009 -- 12:00 AM

Grand Mom by Audrey Mettel Fixmer

Why do I feel like dancing? Could it be that I have shed 30 pounds?

Oh, I haven't found a diet that works that well. Instead, I have an Angel that swooped down and helped me clean out my bedroom closet. Ten pounds went to the cleaners and 20 to St. Vinnie's. And that makes me feel light enough to dance.

Changing of the Wardrobe

With winter sweeping down on us this week, I stood shivering in my light pants and short-sleeved shirt, flung open my closet doors, and stared at the row of pale cottons and those flimsy summer clothes.

All of my winter things were buried deep in the back, and how was this old body supposed to maneuver through it all to reverse the order? The Changing of the Wardrobe every season is always a job I hate. This was a job that called for an Angel. So I dialed Julie's number.

Julie is my Visiting Angel, from the organization of the same name. She has been visiting me regularly for the past three or four years, along with several other clients on her list, most of them elderly like myself. Her boss, Tom, first came and interviewed me and played the matchmaker role. He must surely have had divine direction, because ours is a marriage made in heaven.

A Visiting Angel

Julie has a bubbly personality, which brightens my day, and a body that can do the work of a horse but agile enough to find a tiny hearing aid under my bed. I never have to ask her to repeat herself because she has developed a big voice, perfect for communicating with all of us oldies.

You can't stump Julie. No matter the problem, Julie can pull a solution from her bag of tricks. Your back and shoulders hurt from too long at the computer? Julie will heat up a snaky thing in the microwave, drape it around your neck, and you just groan, "Ooooh, that feels so good."

You need your special plants brought inside before the frost but can't find a place in the living room where they will get enough light? This Angel will patiently rearrange the furniture until the problem is solved.

It's time to get out the Christmas decorations? Or clean the refrigerator? Or the garage? Make a list for the Angel's visit and the deed is done.


Last year when the big floods hit our area and I had water pouring through my patio door, my entire family got involved with mopping up and looking for solutions. It was my Angel, however, who swooped in from another client in Jefferson and said, "The county is delivering sandbags. Give'em a call." Problem solved.

I am blessed with a big family who looks after me faithfully and visits their dad at Countryside frequently. They are continually fixing little things that get broken or bringing things that will make me more comfortable and "keeping an eye on" my driving. They take me out to eat or invite me over for meals and are on my "First Call" list. For that I am most grateful.

It makes me feel more independent, however, to pay someone to do the jobs that need to be done regularly. I send my monthly check to the Visiting Angels organization, and they pay the Angels. Not nearly enough, I might add.

If these earthly Angels can bring us so much joy, just imagine what the Heavenly Angels can do. Why should we fear death?

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