'Good idea, Lord' -- Hot cross buns and appreciation Print
Grand Mom
Thursday, Apr. 16, 2009 -- 12:00 AM
Grand Mom by Audrey Mettel Fixmer

I awoke at 3:30 this morning. I hate when that happens. I like to sleep late . . . like 5:30? So I rolled over and said, "Okay, Lord, what do you have in mind for me today? I know my column is due at the Catholic Herald. But you haven't given me an inspiration yet. It's Holy Thursday, so I don't go to Mass until tonight.

I must make hot cross buns today. My kids (so to speak) still look forward to them. And being Thursday means I will be expected at the Black Hawk Senior Residence for the ten o'clock coffee hour followed by a spiritual service from a local pastor, consisting of a scripture reading followed by a meditation and some lively hymn singing. I love that, especially when it is our pastor, who celebrates a Mass on his visit. For most Catholic residents, it is the only time they can participate directly in the Mass.

Thinking about the Black Hawk, where my husband has been happily cared for going on three years, I whisper a prayer of thanksgiving for the wonderful caregivers there. Those girls run back and forth so much, serving each individual separately in the dining room, endlessly patient with spilled drinks and other unmentionable accidents. They keep the Depends Company and countless other imitators doing a thriving business. They do each patient's laundry separately in washers and dryers on each floor. And no matter how many times a resident presses his or her button (hung around the neck) to put the call light on, the aides always bounce into the room wearing a smile and a friendly greeting. Did I say girls? Some are in their 20s or 30s, but many are older. Arvella, for instance is an amazing 80 herself, and has been there for 13 or more years. What a gift she is!

Occasionally (but not often enough) my family tries to show our appreciation of the staff by sharing some sweets with them, or leaving a small gift behind. For instance, I could bring the residents one batch of my hot cross buns to enjoy with their coffee this morning and take another for the staff. I will need to get busy. Now!

So there is my inspiration for my column and my job for today. Thanks for the inspiration, Lord. I knew you had something in mind when you woke me up at 3:30 a.m. Just don't make it a habit, please.

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