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Importance of Catholic schools today Print
Our Catholic Schools
Thursday, Aug. 09, 2018 -- 12:00 AM

This is the third and last article in a series leading up to Catholic School Informational Sunday on August 9.

Why do Catholic schools exist? When you look at this from a student’s view, there are two clear goals: 1) College and 2) Heaven. While we hope that students realize these goals in this order, Heaven is clearly the more important of the two.

Ongoing vigilance against abuse takes the form of action in diocese Print
Written by William D. Yallaly, Chancellor, Diocese of Madison   
Thursday, Nov. 15, 2018 -- 12:00 AM

Faced as we are with the ongoing specter of sin and even crime on the part of some priests, religious, and bishops of the Church, Bishop Robert Morlino has given clear direction that in the Diocese of Madison we will do all we can to continue to strengthen our efforts in the protection of children and vulnerable persons, to expand our work in oversight and transparency, and to increase our focus on rooting out sin at every level.

To that end, the following additional actions have already gotten underway in the past several months, with a great deal still to come:

• Prayer, sacrifice, reparation -- Prayer alone cannot suffice where there is clear need for concrete and decisive action. However, the grace of God is essential in achieving any good and our prayers do have an effect. The Church has been wounded through the terrible sins of her members and her ministers, and there must be spiritual as well as practical efforts made to repair the wounds.

To this end, the bishop himself has undertaken added prayer, sacrifice, and reparation for the purification of the Church and the healing of victims. He has also called for the faithful in the diocese to join with him in these prayers.

• Review of all files -- As many dioceses are now doing, the Diocese of Madison is in the process of scheduling a full, independent review of all priest personnel files. This will serve to make absolutely certain that not only have past cases been properly handled, but that historical instances of abuse are identified, even where no current victims might be known.

• Added work hours devoted to Safe Environment and Victim Assistance -- Responsibilities have been shifted among diocesan personnel and work hours have been added through the separation of the previously combined roles of “Director of Safe Environment” and “Victim Assistance Coordinator.” This separation of roles has already allowed for greater focus on both the constant improvement of safe environment processes and on caring for the needs of victims and accusers.

God has entrusted remarkable powers to us Print
Bishop Hying's Column
Written by Bishop Donald J. Hying   
Thursday, Apr. 30, 2020 -- 12:00 AM

During this challenging pandemic experience, I have been meditating lately on power and the lack of it, the fear of vulnerability and dependence, the need to surrender control and accept what is beyond one's ability to change.

Since the definition of power is "the capacity to direct or influence the behavior of others or the course of events," we have probably all felt an ebbing of power and influence in our lives. The social restrictions, the loss of health or employment, the cancellation of activities and events have all thrust us into this opaque existence of limitation and diminishment.

Running to stand still: the futility of sin Print
From the Diocesan Administrator
Thursday, Apr. 04, 2019 -- 12:00 AM

Following is a homily given by Msgr. James Bartylla, diocesan administrator, for the third Sunday of Lent.

In today's Gospel, Jesus moves us from the "news of the Jerusalem Gazette" to the "Jerusalem Farmers' Almanac" in the short span of one Gospel passage.

First, there is the news of the Galileans killed by Pilate and then the 18 people killed in the fall of the tower at Siloam. Our Lord then, almost jarringly, shifts to the parable of the gardener, the fig tree, the decision to either cut down the fig tree for lack of fruit or leave it another year and cultivate and fertilize it to bear fruit.

More parishes offer livestream Masses Print
Around the Diocese
Thursday, May. 21, 2020 -- 12:00 AM

Following is information on additional livestreaming Masses offered by parishes in the Diocese of Madison.

SS. Anthony and Philip Parish in Highland and St. Thomas Parish in Montfort. SS. Anthony and Philip Parish in Highland and St. Thomas Parish in Montfort are live on Facebook on Sunday mornings at 9 a.m. with a livestream Mass.

Parishes are invited to send information on livestreaming services to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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