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Link to the Catholic Herald Web site:

To create a link to our Web site from your parish (or other) Web site, copy and paste this coding into your HTML editor:

<a href=""><em>Catholic Herald</em> Web site</a>

Those who want to use an icon for the link can use one of the images below:

The Catholic Herald

Catholic Herald flag (GIF file): 200 x 32 pixels

The Catholic Herald

Catholic Herald flag (GIF file): 150 x 24 pixels

To use one of the above images as an icon for your link to the Catholic Herald Web site, save the image, upload it to your Web site, and use the proper coding to refer to it in your HTML for your page.  Or, copy and paste the image into your Web creation program.

This page contains resources to help parishes (and others) promote the Catholic Herald.

We encourage parishes and others to promote readership of the Catholic Herald as well as subscriptions to the official newspaper of the Diocese of Madison in both the print and e-Edition.

On this page are promotion materials that can be used in parish bulletins or on Web sites. The materials include a full-page flyer, bulletin announcements about what's in the Catholic Herald, and letters from publisher Bishop Robert C. Morlino and editor Mary C. Uhler.

We invite parishes and organizations to link to the Catholic Herald Web site on their Web sites. Information on linking is included on this page (see sidebar, at right). We also welcome parishes and Catholic organizations to send links to their Web sites. Thank you for helping promote the Catholic Herald. Read it religiously, both print and online!