Bishop suspends priest to avoid further scandal Print E-mail
Thursday, Dec. 04, 2008 -- 1:00 AM

MADISON -- It has come to the attention of Bishop Robert C. Morlino that Reverend Gerald Vosen has recently published a book named, Pick a Number: Stories of Faith. In the book, Fr. Vosen makes explicit mention of what occurred during a penal trial, which was initiated to investigate allegations against him involving the abuse of a minor. As Fr. Vosen knows, the entire penal trial is under the Pontifical Secret and no mention of its proceeding is to be made.

Bishop Morlino wishes it to be known that Father Gerald Vosen does not have the faculties to celebrate Mass publicly or privately in the Diocese of Madison as he has been placed on suspension. Baptized Catholics or those who have made a profession of faith who purchase Fr. Vosen’s book are at risk of participating in this breach of the Pontifical Secret. Catholics who may have purchased Fr. Vosen’s book prior to this notification and while unaware of the breach he committed have not incurred a canonical penalty but are advised to destroy the book or return it to Fr. Vosen. Once informed, continued support of Fr. Vosen’s book may result in a canonical crime being declared on the individual involved.

Because of the nature of the allegations against Fr. Vosen, and the fact that this matter still awaits final judgment by Church courts, no other information is available at this time.

Any allegation of sexual misconduct involving priests, deacons, or other Church personnel can be reported to the Diocese of Madison by use of the Sexual Misconduct Question and Reporting Line, 608-821-3162. The diocesan policies regarding sexual abuse allegations, and instructions for making a report of sexual misconduct, are available on the diocesan website: