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February 19, 2004 Edition

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Catholic Press: Continues Jesus' work proclaiming Gospel message

Jesus communicated with his disciples and followers by telling stories, often in parable form. His words were recorded in the Gospels, passed on to generations up to our present day.

If Jesus were alive today, perhaps he would use our modern means of communication: newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the Internet. And, in fact, Jesus does use the media - particularly the Catholic Press - to proclaim the Gospel message through today's writers.

In February we celebrate Catholic Press Month. In our Diocese of Madison, the Catholic Herald is the official newspaper of the diocese. As our mission statement (printed on top of this page [front page of Web edition]) says, "Its purpose is to inform and educate people of the Diocese of Madison through communications that proclaim Gospel values, report the news, and comment on issues as they pertain to the mission of the Catholic Church, which is to bring all in Jesus Christ to the Father."

Under the Gospel Book. One of the ways the Catholic Herald fulfills its mission is through the weekly column by our publisher, Bishop Robert C. Morlino, aptly titled "Under the Gospel Book." Bishop Morlino explained that this is a reference to the rite which occurs at the bishop's consecration, when the Prayer of Consecration is offered over him by the concelebrating bishops as he kneels with the Gospel Book held over his head.

Bishop Morlino sees his column as a way to teach people throughout the diocese about the Gospel. He said in his first column, "I hope that my own head and heart will become each day more filled with the Gospel Word so that my teaching will be true and for the salvation of all."

In a letter to priests written soon after his installation as Bishop of Madison, Bishop Morlino wrote: "I would like my column to reach the homes of every parishioner in our diocese to 'badger them lovingly with the truth,' as I said during the homily at my installation Mass on August 1 at St. Raphael Cathedral."

The bishop uses his column to teach the truths of our faith and to reflect on current issues in light of faith. We hope people throughout the Diocese of Madison will read his column each week, learn more about the Gospel, and deepen their own faith.

Your Link to God, Church, and Parish. The Catholic Herald includes many other articles and features covering news in our parishes, Catholic schools, religious education programs, and diocesan offices. The paper publishes news of the Catholic Church in our nation and in the world. We also offer special pages focusing on spirituality, arts and media, family/parenting, youth/education, senior citizens, and other topics.

We see the Catholic Herald as "Your Link to God, Church, and Parish." We encourage parishes to promote a 100 percent parish coverage plan, so that all Catholics will have the opportunity to get the paper in their homes.

We urge those who already receive the Catholic Herald to read it cover to cover. Begin during Catholic Press Month and make it a weekly habit!

Mary C. Uhler, editor

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Mailbag policy
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Despite being richest nation,
U.S. gives less per capita

To the editor:

In the Mailbag (2/5/04), Jim Moris seems misinformed in rationalizing many Americans' failure to give to others in a Christian manner. Moris responds that America is "the most caring, the most giving, and the most humane country in the world."

Although we undoubtedly have many caring people among us, the facts would seem to show that we should look abroad for role models. In giving to developing poorer countries throughout the world, a statistic referred to as Overseas Development Assistance is used. In 1997, the per capita giving in Denmark was $392, in Norway $349, in France $126, in Canada $88, in Japan $80, and in the United Kingdom $67.

In the United States, combining both public and private donations, we gave only $42 per person to poor developing countries. There were at least 10 countries that were more charitable, and yet we are the richest country in the world.

Mr. Magliano was simply reminding us that Jesus said "go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven" (Matthew 19:21). Even if Mr. Magliano doesn't give all of his money to the poor, he can tell others to because Jesus told us to.

Fred Harrington, Madison

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